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Coworking Space for Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs

The Artist’s Gym is proud to offer co-working and creative space to artists and entrepreneurs in the Lansing area. We know that getting the “work” of business done is the hardest work of all, and we want to help. Join the TAG team today and work alongside other creatives who are building their own businesses and artistic enterprises.

Get Your Work Done at TAG

TAG offers co-working space to artists and creative entrepreneurs in the Lansing and Mid-Michigan area. We know that getting the admin side of a creative business handled is incredibly difficult when you’re working solo, staring at a computer screen all day. It’s tough trying to figure out “what the people want” without having any people around to ask. Most of us end up doing admin at coffee shops just to get a change of scenery and talk to another human being. But those places are noisy and crowded, and they don’t address the isolation of building a creative startup alone.

TAG offers you a better solution — an art-based co-working space that blends work and play so you are free to flex your creative spirit while you’re getting the “work” of work done. Whether you’re a writer, a painter, a flow artist, dancer, or yogi, we have a space for you. We appreciate that artists don’t always want to sit at a desk and work for 8 straight hours. They like to spread out, move around, take creative breaks, and then come back to their laptops with a clearer head.

At TAG, you can do that, and we encourage it!  When you need a break, you have access to the entire flow studio for stretching, dancing, or moving your body. Or, you can take a few minutes to focus and relax your mind in the meditation room. Best of all, co-working at TAG costs less than the cup of coffee you have to buy to use the free WiFi at your local cafe…and we’ll throw in the coffee for free.

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Join the TAG team today and receive

high-speed WiFi

group work tables

lap desks

complementary coffee & water

multi-talented community of artists & creatives entrepreneurs

access to private room for making phone calls

member-only discounts on private rentals

free parking

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Get Your 6-Month Prepaid Membership (Save $60)